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Which mosque more interesting for Photographer?

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Iran Visa: if you want find answer for this question just need search in social medias. after some seconds you can see many photos of one colorful Mosque. The Nasīr al-Mulk Mosque or Pink Mosque is a traditional mosque in Shiraz,Iran, located in Goade-e-Araban place (near the famous Shah Cheragh mosque). The mosque was built during the Qājār era, and ...

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Pahlevani and zoorkhaneh rituals in Iran

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Iran Visa: Varzesh-e Pahlavani, widely known as Varzesh-e Bastani by mistake for the past seventy years, was originally an academy of physical training and a nursery for warriors against foreign invaders similar in purpose to Korean, Japanese and Chinese martial arts. However, throughout the last three thousand years it acquired, and was enriched with, different components of moral, ethical, philosophical, ...

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Tehran museum to display Persian historical calendars

Iran Visa: Tehran’s Malek Museum and Library will be displaying a collection of Persian historical calendars in an exhibition, which will open Monday. Different types of historical calendars including agricultural calendars, fishing calendars, and local calendars are among the items to go on show in the exhibit, the museum announced in a press release on Sunday. Entitled “Circulation of Time”, ...

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Persian version of “Daddy-Long-Legs” comes out in audio book

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Iran Visa: A Persian audio book of American writer Jean Webster’s 1912 epistolary novel “Daddy-Long-Legs” has been published in Tehran. The audio book was unveiled during a ceremony at Tehran’s Book City Institute on Monday evening. The narrators of the audio book Zohreh Shokufandeh and Jorj Petrosian, translator Golnar Navidan and a number of cultural figures attended the ceremony. “Daddy-Long-Legs” ...

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