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Things you need to know before applying for Iran Visa

Iran Visa: Clearly to enter to every country a permission which called visa is needed. This permission in some European Union countries such as France, Germany, Italy and etc. is called the Schengen that is actually a treaty between them. This visa has made the travelling easy for their citizens.

The people of Schengen countries can commute through somehow Europe with no worry of permission. The advantage for non-Schengen countries` citizens is that collecting this visa from one of consulate offices of those countries makes travelling through European countries possible, except England. There is no difference here between people who have collected the visa, no difference between a traveller from Asia, Middle East or Africa and etc.

Touristic Schengen makes tourists equal. This process could be found between USA and Canada, too. They could travel through one another countries for three months with no anxiety about permission which is in fact a state permission. It is while three neighbor African countries-Kenya, Uganda and Ruanda- are going to issue joint touristic visa from 2014 in order to develop their tourism industry. Since countries Tanzania and Brunei are also their neighbors, have declared that from 2015 will join to this innovation. The way of collecting visa is on-line and validate for three months.

All above shows governments are going to provide facilities to develop sustainable tourism. Moreover, it could be considered a strategic marketing way that states do. Tourism is a key to make people of the world know each other more; one great advantage of this is communication between nations that leads people of the world and finally the world toward peace. The new Iran government has made decision to work on this subject; IRAN Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization is perhaps the major responsible department for tourism industry of IRAN. This organization which is managed by Iran President`s second-deputy will experience the days that a former foreign ministry’s staff is going to run its tourism department. It seems the elected government in June 2013 has found the visa process as a barrier of IRAN tourism development. Electing a man of foreign ministry as Iran tourism runner who has worked as an ambassador and is said that speaks English and German, apparently speaks of Iran strategy to facilitate visa collection process.

Visa is an entrance permission to each country, as said, which Iran has issued it so far in a difficult way. There is no on-line system for tourists to apply Iran visa resulting in making tour and travel agencies more active. Now, government policy to offer visa more easily may make the agencies present more creatively innovative high-quality packages and tourism services. Wish Iran had a joint or common visa with other neighbor countries; it will have many positive points to develop Iran tourism industry. Points like Schengen that means by collecting the visa of one Iran neighbor country, the tourist will be able to enter Iran and use its tourism services or people of both countries could travel and even commute in each other lands.
The last but not least, either this process or other decisions to make Iran tourism industry more prosperous need much many thoughts.

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