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Iran marks tourism week, and plans to facilitate visas

Iran marks world tourism day with a week of events showcasing its ethnic biodiversity, culture and history.

An event was held in Tehran’s Milad tower to mark this week and show the people in Tehran a glimpse of what Iran has to offer. To start the week off, the head of Iran’s cultural heritage and tourism organization, Mohammad Ali Najafi talked about the visa process being facilitated for tourists. He also mentioned the tourism potentials that exist in Iran.

The Persian civilization is one of the oldest in the world. The historical Silk Road trade route spread the culture of this land from East Asia to Europe. This effect can be still seen in the arts and architecture of these lands.

Iran’s enjoys 16 properties currently inscribed on the World Heritage List. Amongst them are the ruins of Persepolis dating back to 518 A.D. and the Persian gardens that span allover Iran to the lavish Golestan Palace in the capital Tehran, a masterpiece of the Qajar era dating to the 18th century. These buildings have remained a source of inspiration for Iranian artists and architects to this day.

But for the people in Tehran the Milad Tower gave different Iranian ethnicities a chance to show their traditions to visitors.

But it’s not all that to Iran. The event focused on new kind of tourists that Iran can attract. Those seeking adventure or the extreme. Iran wants to show that whether you want to enjoy rich history, explore a cave or do the extreme, this is a place to consider.

reference: Press Tv

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