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Iran Visa FAQs

In the following the most common questions about Iran visa is answered; for any further question please contact us via persiavisa@gmail.com

 Passport validity:

– Your passport should have at least 6 months validity at the time of applying. It must have two blank pages. Despite the public belief, existing visa stamps, e.g. for Israel, will not affect the application for an Iranian visa.

What should you do if the expected embassy does not receive the visa authorization number?

– The best referring time to the embassy is 3 days after the visa issuance. If you refer sooner and many days after, it is not there definitely. The visa number will be expired if you go to the embassy after 1 month.

– If you apply at the accurate time but the visa number is not received, please contact your visa agent to solve this matter in one day.

Is it safe to get the airport visa?

– The answer is NOT 100% YES. Because it depends on the client’s situation and the travel condition. Sometimes political condition between the countries is so effective in the visa issuance result. 64 nationalities can get the airport visa if no security problem exists. We have faced few cases that were rejected at the airport, but mostly it is easy to obtain the airport visa.

Please check with your expected airline in advance whether you can board on the plane without having any Iran visa or not.

Can I collect my visa from any Iran embassy throughout the world?

– The answer is YES. All the Iran embassies can give the visa to you. But the embassy must be chosen while you are filling the visa application form.

Can I change the visa collection place after the visa is issued?

– In most times, especially the peak seasons it is NO. You should be careful when you fill out the visa form.

Can I get the double or multiple entry visas?

– This matter should be checked with the MFA when you decide to travel to Iran because it does not have a fixed regulation all the time.

How long the visa is valid?

– The longest visa duration that we can apply is 30 days that you or the agency can request. Of course it may be possible extended in Iran. You will have 3 months time to enter and depart Iran from the day that you collect your visa.

How is the visa extension?

– The most visa duration is 30 days, but if you want to stay longer you should refer to the interest police office in big cities some days before the visa expiry and ask for the visa extension. It may be rejected, so you are advised to get the return ticket based on your visa validity.

What is the money that we pay to the agency and what is the visa collection fee?

– The agency sends the applications, refer to the embassy, call several times and follow the visa process to get the result. The 39 $ service fee is considered as the agency service fee. The money that you need to pay to the embassy is a governmental service fee for the service that you will get while collecting the visa and is not related to the agency.

Paying to one of them does not cover the entire expenses and they should be counted and paid separately to each side.

Who is responsible for the visa rejection?

– All types of visas are studied under the supervision of the governments and any issuance or rejection is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). The agency is indeed just the medium between the travelers and the MFA. The reliability of the agency is so important in the visa issuance and also the visa rejection would be a bad reputation for the agency, so our agency would not spare any effort to get the positive reply for your visas, but the rejection and issuance is directly under the control of MFA.

When can you apply again after its rejection or one time entry to Iran?

– You can apply again immediately; please let us our agent about its rejection (if happened) and also write out the entrance date in your visa forms accurately.

Can our agency get the transit visa?

– The travel agencies cannot get the transit visa for the clients. You should apply through the Iran embassies directly, but what you can do instead is getting the tourist visa and use as the transit visa which is completely usual.

Can our agency get the pilgrimage visa?

– The tourist visa is worked as the pilgrimage visa completely.

Should you have any reference to be able to get the visa to Iran?

– For some nationalities, the answer is YES. It helps them to get the positive reply.

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