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Archeologists Discover Four Thousand-Year Old Graves in Iran


Iran Visa: An Iranian-Italian theological team has discovered a graveyard dating back to the Bronze Age, 4,000 years ago, in the aftermath of their explorations in an area known as ‘Chalow’, three km from the town of ‘Sankhast’ in Jajarm County in North Khorasan Province. After the discovery of the graveyard, the archeologists believe they have encountered a great culture which ...

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Top 10 Public Squares of the World

Sonia Jackett selected Top 10 public squares of the world; she selected Naqsh e jahan Square in Isfahan, Iran for Top of  the list. The recent protests in Taksim Square, Istanbul, and those in Tahrir Square, Cairo, have once again highlighted the power of public space as a tool of protest. The use of public space has always been employed ...

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