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Terms & Conditions

By sending your passport copy, application form and other documents to Iran visa services, you acknowledge reading and accepting these terms & conditions set forth below.


Visa Definition:

Visa is a permission to enter a different country; this is a privilege, not a right. Iran visa is your Iranian-based visa service agent that arranges your needed documents and applies for Iranian visa through MFA. It doesn’t make decision to accept or deny visa.


Terms of Sending Visa Request:

a) Prepare all the documents that are required and ensure they are genuine and credible

b) Fully fill out the visa application form with true and accurate information (application form for an under-age child should be signed by one of his/her parent or guardian and the relationship indicated)


Terms of Visa Collection:

To facilitate assessment embassy or the consulate general of your application, you are kindly required to call them before attending, and check their conditions. You can see the contact information of all Iranian embassies and consulate generals all over the world in: http://iran-visa.com/iranian-embassies-abroad/

ü  The Iranian embassy or the consulate general has the right to request the applicant to provide additional supporting documents or to ask your presence at embassy for an interview. On the other hand; some of Iranian embassies or consulates will arrange all the steps by post.

ü  Please carefully check all the information on the visa issued, when you collect your visa. If you have any queries about it, you should report it to the counter staff immediately.

ü  You will be responsible for any consequences arising from event that you are refused to board an aircraft or to enter Iran due to your failure to check all the information printed on your visa including your name, birthday, nationality, your visa’s number of entry, period of validity and duration of stay as well as the number and validity of your passport before departure for Iran


How Much to Pay for Iranian Visa?

Iranian visa has two kinds of payments:

Visa Payment to Agency: that is 39$ for all nationalities, just in Iran visa.

Visa Collection Fee: that you should pay to Iran embassy or consulate where you want to collect your visa. It’s not fixed and based on embassy’s policy is variable.


ü  Fee is non-refundable once application is submitted.

ü  Visa fees and requirements including, but not limited to, consular fees, application forms and documentation required for visa issuance are subject to change without notice. All are based on MFA decisions.

ü  The embassy or consulate request additional documents; usually a personal information form and a piece photo are needed.


How Long does Take to Have Iran Visa:

Processing time quoted by Iran visa are approximations 4-10 work days. Although in some cases Iran visa got it in 1-3 days. It depends on the time of travel. Usually in high seasons or specific occasions, this time may increase.

Please consider to make your travel arrangement at an appropriate time so that your already-issued visa would not expire or it would not be too late for you to obtain a visa before your planned departure for Iran. You should apply about one month in advance of your entry into Iran. But citizens of USA should apply 2 months earlier and citizens of UK and Canada, as they have to have finger print at Iran embassy have a longer visa collection time than others.

Please note that Iranian visas are valid from the date of issue, not from the “date of your first possible entry into Iran”.



Iran visa shall not be held liable for loss or delay caused by events beyond our control; including but not limited to weather conditions, strikes, terrorist activities, military actions or for any other acts of any third party.

The Embassy or consulate often changes its requirements and fees without prior warning and changes can take effect immediately.

Embassy or consulate may delay processing at their discretion without further explanations. Iran visa shall not be held responsible for any delays, financial and other losses due to delay in processing. No service fees, embassy fees, courier fees or any portion thereof will be refunded due to delays of service by Iran visa.



Applicants agree and confirm that they have read and understood the terms and conditions prior to submitting visa applications to Iran visa.

Iran visa makes efforts to describe all services correctly that appear on the website. However, it doesn’t warrant that all the statements, definitions, and descriptions are most current, complete, accurate, and error free.

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