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Varf Chal Traditional Ceremony in Ab Ask Village, Amol

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Varf Chal (Barf Chal) Traditional ceremony with almost 800 years old as one of the unique rituals of Mazandaran associated with water was held in the village of Ab Ask .

No man not allowed in the village in this day and village run entirely by women, as no woman allowed in ( Varf Chal).

Is there also a game particularly for women during Noruz (Persian New Year)?

Eminent Iranian anthropologist, Mohammad Mirshokraei: There is a similar traditional game for women. On some days during Noruz women become rulers for a short period and are given full authority as the monarch or queen of their villages. In northern Iran, the ancient and annual ritual of varf chal (or ‘Zan Shahi’, literally meaning the monarchical rule of women) is celebrated in Ordibehesht (the second month of spring, April 21-May 21).

While the men of the village set out to gather frozen snow from the mountains and pour it into a well and keep it covered as their summer water source, women rule the village. Not even one male person can stay in the village on this day.




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