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Pahlevani and zoorkhaneh rituals in Iran

iran visa zoorkhane traditional sport

Iran Visa: Varzesh-e Pahlavani, widely known as Varzesh-e Bastani by mistake for the past seventy years, was originally an academy of physical training and a nursery for warriors against foreign invaders similar in purpose to Korean, Japanese and Chinese martial arts. However, throughout the last three thousand years it acquired, and was enriched with, different components of moral, ethical, philosophical, ...

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What the hell is persian foods? here are the 5 dishes you should know.

Iran Visa: Dan Gentile selected 5 dishes in thrillist; you can follow and enjoy these. here are the 5 dishes that every Persian knows and loves, so you can learn them, and make Persians want to know and love you.   Fesenjoon /Fesenjan Translation: None Ingredients: Stewed pomegranate puree, ground walnuts, chopped onions, chunks of poultry or balls of ground meat. What’s ...

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Omidvar brothers; All Different, All Relative

Iran Visa: He says in the world of technology human relations are fading away. About 60 years ago while with his brother after three years of reading made decision to go around the world for almost 10 years; in fact, were people who believed travelling broadens the mind. In north of Tehran, there is a city-garden which is called Sa`ad Abad. ...

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Iranian children honored at Hong Kong painting competition

Iran Visa: Iranian children have been honored at the 2nd International Children’s Painting Competition in Hong Kong. Mitra Deylami won a medal from the competition, organizers announced last week. Sahar Maleklu, Rana Musapur, Ashkan Abbasi, Parsa Jamshidpur, Atefeh Ahmadi, Anita Sarvari and Donya Nasirkhani received honorable mentions. The children’s artworks, which were on the theme of “My Country’s Culture”, will go ...

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Archeologists Discover Four Thousand-Year Old Graves in Iran


Iran Visa: An Iranian-Italian theological team has discovered a graveyard dating back to the Bronze Age, 4,000 years ago, in the aftermath of their explorations in an area known as ‘Chalow’, three km from the town of ‘Sankhast’ in Jajarm County in North Khorasan Province. After the discovery of the graveyard, the archeologists believe they have encountered a great culture which ...

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Iran Visa on Arrival

Iran Visa: It could be said one of the main aims of tourism industry is peoples` entrance to other countries. It is their entrance that makes cross cultural understanding; moreover, steps toward global village in order to have sustainable peace or a world without fight and war.  To reach on this valuably sacred goal of UNWTO, people as tourists need to ...

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Iran tourist visa issuing process for Americans

Iran Visa: On the basis of Iran law and regulations in tourism industry, each legal or actual entity has to have essential authorizations from Foreign Ministry and Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of IRAN to ask for visa reference number. Moreover, for some nationalities like Americans, more authorizations are needed, too. There is an itinerary which is called Persia`s ...

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Things you need to know before applying for Iran Visa

Iran Visa: Clearly to enter to every country a permission which called visa is needed. This permission in some European Union countries such as France, Germany, Italy and etc. is called the Schengen that is actually a treaty between them. This visa has made the travelling easy for their citizens. The people of Schengen countries can commute through somehow Europe ...

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Shiraz’s Day May 7

Iran Visa – Blog: Shiraz is located at the central part of Fars province and it is the largest city after Tehran and Tabriz. Shiraz attractions of cultural historical natural and religious abundance greet many tourists annually. Shiraz is the city of flowers nightingales Hafez, Saadi, poem, lyric, love, cedar orange art and culture and this week is Shiraz week. ...

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Varf Chal Traditional Ceremony in Ab Ask Village, Amol

Iran Visa – Blog: Varf Chal (Barf Chal) Traditional ceremony with almost 800 years old as one of the unique rituals of Mazandaran associated with water was held in the village of Ab Ask . No man not allowed in the village in this day and village run entirely by women, as no woman allowed in ( Varf Chal). Is ...

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